Has a dull knife ever ruined one of your dishes? Maintaining knife sharpness is crucial to not only presentation and precise cuts, but also for safety - sharp knives prevent slippage. Read on to learn some home chef tips for keeping your cooking knives sharp.

1. Proper Storage

In order to reduce contact with other metals or kitchen materials (or hands!), you should always store your knives properly. That means a universal knife block, a magnetic strip, or a knife guard if you are storing your knives in a drawer.

2. Hand Wash Your Knives

Putting knives in your dishwasher puts them at risk of being banged up by other silverware, and can damage the handles. Always hand wash your knives (use caution on the blade, of course), and dry them properly before putting them back in their storage vessel.

3. Use a Proper Cutting Board

Using improper cutting board materials can shorten the lifespan of your knives. Wood, end-grain up cutting boards are the best choice for keeping your knives sharp.