Sparkling wine is one of the most technical wines in the world, and also one of the most fun to drink. When evaluating we've considered taste, texture, wine-making, style, and region across 100 different sparkling wines from around the world. Here are the best sparkling wines for 2021:

#1. Usual Large Glass of Brut

This sparkling stands out to me as one of the most unique and best glasses of bubbles I have had in a while. With the grapes coming from the cool climate North Coast AVA, this wine is as dry and as crisp as the best of champagnes. What makes it better though is the zero added sugar – very unlike champagne. Especially as consumer preferences are increasingly looking to avoid any unnecessary additives. This wine is strikingly dry and I love it.

The bubbles are super fine, and best of all, you always get to have fresh glass. Usual comes in a single-serving glass bottle. It’s a large glass for sure, clocking in at 6.3oz or one quarter of a normal bottle. Perfect for when you want to have a glass of bubbles, but don’t want it to go flat before you finish it. This is the best sparkling wine for at home or on the go. Usual Brut left me thinking, why don’t more premium sparkling wines come in this size?

They also have a Brut Rosé!

$48 for a case of 6, $96 for a case of 12. Save 17% when you subscribe to monthly shipments! Shipping included on 12+. Available online only.

#2. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut

This champagne classic is always a hit. One of the most historic stories going back to beginning of Champagne, Veuve tells the story of the Widow Clicquot, who became the first female head of a champagne house, after her husband's death. Not only is this wine super instagramable, it also tastes and smells great. A majority of pinot noir grapes, Yellow Label is powerful yet balanced.

Be careful when buying this wine, though. It is regularly marked up, even though most supermarkets offer it as part of their 6 pack deals.

$354 for a case of six

#3. Moet and Chandon Imperial Brut 

Everyone has seen this iconic champagne before, even my mom. From campy french bistro posters to bottle service at the club, this is one of the most widely available wines. 

Moet recently, they changed the base of the non-vintage blend and lowered the added sugar to somewhere around 9 grams per liter – following in the footsteps of many other champagne houses and making even drier wines. I am glad that champagne is finally catching up to what consumers want to drink: dry wines!

I frequently find this wine on sale for less than its yellow labeled, windowed aunt, Veuve Clicquot.

Just under $270 for a case of six. 

#4. Roederer Estate Brut 

If you want to stay domestic, another good option is Roederer’s Estate Brut. This is the California arm of the Champagne Louis Roderer company first founded in 1982 in Anderson Valley. This is widely considered a very good domestic sparkling wine. Widely available and often seen by the glass at fine dining establishments around the country. 

$155 for a case of six

#5. J Vineyards Brut Rosé 

This a great sparkling rosé option. Every party should start with bubbles, and this one fits the bill as well. This wine is distinctly Californian and doesn’t try to be something that it is not (Champagne). Instead, they embrace the fruit forward style of California and give us definitively domestic wine. Made from Russian River grapes from Sonoma County. 

Full of classic rosé notes like strawberry and raspberry that are energetic and juicy. The finish is refined and lasts quite a while. While this wine might be a bit of a splurge, you deserve it. 

$228 for a case of six. 

#6. Perrier-Jouet 

Perrier-Jouet is definitely a hit with its floral and gold label. This wine is on the more delicate side of the list, full of light fruit flavors, lemon, and bergamot. This wine definitely makes me feel like a 1900s aristocrat. Perrier-Jouet dates back to 1811 and has definitely been around the block. Shipments to the United States started in 1815. Their highest end Belle Epoque cuvée has hand painted flowers on the bottle. I find this champagne to be the perfect daytime, classy luncheon wine. 

$239 for a case of six. 


What's your favorite sparkling wine for the year? Please let us know what you think in the comments below! Please note, we did receive complementary samples from wine producers above (and those that did not make the list) in the creation of this article.